What motivated me to do coaching?

"I help those who are ready to remove all limitations from their lives, and those who are prepared to Step Out and Steo Into their unique pathway to purpose be leveraging knowledge, skills and your reach.

If you are ready to become a Leading Lady and embrace the fulness of the person God intended you to be and do it with confidence and some style, then get in touch today and let's build your strategy and victorious future together."


Terri hosts online seminars, and she is fantastic at taking the audience from dream to manifestation. Her SHIFT method helps others see things from new perspectives. Terri will leave you with creative inspiration to pursue your goals and transform your life.


Personal development is what we focus on, including self-perception, and self-confidence leadership style, to help you create a better work-life balance.


Counselling is available to those who have difficulty dealing with emotional, physical, mental health and wellbeing.

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Women are great leaders

Harvard Business Review recently revealed that women in leadership are as competent as their male peers and were more effective in 84% of frequently measured leadership skills. The data illustrated how ladies who lead excelled when it came to showing resilience and striving for self-development. In that, they aspire to develop others as they grow. …

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I have seen clients gripped with fear and torment. Some cases in these counselling rooms and group therapy sessions were trauma caused by abuse, rejection, abandonment.

Through their encounters with me on our retreats, many receive their inner healing. One of the sessions as my team is there to support those who go from brokenness to wholeness.

Over the years, we have taken these retreats/workshops to many others who can attest to the manifestation of healing and restoration.