This powerful desire in my heart to write and thank you for the role you have played in my life and the life of so many others, I am sure. You have come to my events, arranged coffee dates and even invited me to speak at your event.

I am so honoured that you have taken the time to pour into, support and provide an opportunity for me to grow and flow as I have needed. You have five daughters and so many others to pour into, and for some reason, you have taken the Ame to connect with me. I see that, and I am truly grateful. I wanted to thank you and celebrate you as I appreciate who you are and what you are doing. It takes a bold woman to take a stand and make a difference. I admire you and am so grateful to have someone like you to lookup. Some things seem small to some and are significant to others. Your actions have been essential for me, and such confirmations of all God have laid on my heart.

Thank you for your faithfulness to God and what He has led you to do. May you have success beyond your wildest dreams in the coming years. May you reach further than ever before and gain the support and provision to do everything in your heart and more. I am sending love, appreciation and gratitude.
Mrs. Lucia Dramat
My life, as usual, felt empty and lonely, and I had no goal and purpose. Then I met a woman and saw greatness. She showed me how to embrace life and not give up. I saw a woman who was determined and trustworthy. I became a member of Women of Substance SA in 2010. I could not believe that a woman would offer her time to invest in me and guide me in my future aspirations. I knew and felt that I was not satisfied with my life; I felt empty and unfulfilled. At the courses, seminars and classes, I saw there is something more pro-found. At WoSSA skills training, they teach you to change from the inside out according to God's word. The skills training helped my marriage, mothering, husband's fatherhood, and your business and reached out to the poor and abuse victims. They invest in families because healthy families produce healthy communities, which is their mission. I see the world with a positive outlook and much more appreciation. It changed my thoughts, my perspective on people and my attitude. It was not easy, but the encouragement and positive approach of WoSSA and the team helped me a lot. It awakes me to create my God-given purpose in life. It made me realise that my life has purpose and meaning. I am very proud to be a member of this wonderful organisation. Terri Hannie is very passionate about people and always willing to help. Women of Substance SA is an organisation for women, men, and children. Passionate about taking people from thinking they are not good enough to realise they are unique; God loves them.
Mrs. Belinda Erasmus
The love that went around the room when you were there was such an honourable experience. Thank you to Women of Substance S.A. for the skills training session that teaches you that you can change. You cannot be in the sessions with your ears closed, and your eyes are blind. You will never be the same; you'll become changed, transformed, and better. It shows you that you have creative ability, it gives you boldness and allows you to travel to make a better person of yourself - you are not the only one in it. There are others around you when you are down. I love to be a part of this; I will let God take control. Words cannot describe what WoSSA has done for me in my life. It took me from isolation to being a part of a family as VPC adopted me; they love me and bring the best out of me. You don't give up; your consistency and helping us find our creativity. Thank you, Terri Hannie - Founder of WoSSA. I can now look at myself and say I am beautiful, and I can dress up and dress down. I am confident, and I love being a part of this organisation. It's time to come and meet the God of Calvin and Terri Hannie. If you put yourself aside, it removes the clutter and gives you clarity. You dress up, your eyes sparkle, and you have fun. I love every moment when I'm with them. You will have to come and experience this. God places the right people in your life at the right time. Put yourself aside and let God lead.
Ms. Roseline Bryant